Horse Racing Terminology

In case you are enthusiastic about horse racing, you’ll want to study the terminology.
We can have a vocabulary listing of terminology as it’s associated to the totally different features of horse racing.

Terminology associated to the horse:

Colt: A male horse underneath 5 years of age.

Dam: The mom of the horse.

Filly: A feminine horse as much as and together with the age of 4.

Foal: Newly born thoroughbred, or till weaned. Generally is a male horse or a feminine horse.

Gelding: Castrated male horse.

Maiden: A horse who has not gained a race. Additionally used to explain a non-winning rider.

Sire: The daddy of the horse.

Stallion: A whole male horse.

Stud: Male horse utilized in breeding. Is also a breeding farm.

Yearling: Thoroughbred between the primary New 12 months’s Day after being foaled and the next January 1.

Terminology associated to the observe:

Paddock: A construction or space the place the horses are saddled and seen earlier than submit time.

Publish: The place to begin of the race or a place within the beginning gate.

Publish Parade: Horses going from the paddock to the beginning gate passing the stands.

Publish Place: The placement of the stall within the beginning gate from which a horse will begin the race.

Totalisator: Machine used to promote and file betting tickets and exhibits odds.

Additionally figures and shows payoff figures on a totalisator board.

Observe File: The quickest time at numerous distances recorded at a specific observe.

Terminology associated to the jockey:

Jockey: The rider on the horse.

Silks: Jacket and cap worn by the jockey which designates the proprietor of the malaysian horse racing.

Set Down: To explain when a jockey has been suspended.

Publish: The place to begin of the race or a place within the beginning gate.

Stick: A jockey’s whip.

Terminology associated to the race:

Additionally Ran: A horse that finishes out of the cash.

Lifeless Warmth: Two or extra horses ending in a precise tie on the wire.

Entry: Two or extra horses owned by the identical secure or in some instances skilled by the identical coach and thus operating as a single betting unit. A guess on one is a guess for each.

Subject: The horses in a race.

Flat Race: Race on stage floor versus a hurdles race or steeplechase racing.

Furlong: One eighth of a mile; 220 Yards; 660 toes.

Terminology associated to betting/wagering:

Every day Double: Kind of wagering calling for the collection of winners of two consecutive races, often the primary and second races.

Trifecta: A wager selecting the primary three finishers in actual order.

Claiming Race: The horses could also be bought by a certified, licensed individual for the claiming value listed in that race.

Stakes Race: A race often a characteristic race, for which an proprietor should pay a charge to run a horse.

Terminology associated to horse racing occupations.

Ferrier: Blacksmith.

Valet: One who attends riders and retains their wardrobe and gear so as.

Terminology associated to horse ailments.

Blood Worms: Parasites that get into the blood stream.

Laminitis: Irritation underneath sexy wall of foot.

Horse racing terminology makes use of vocabulary not usually utilized in on a regular basis conversations. In case you are enthusiastic about horse racing, then you have to to check horse racing terminology. The above is only a small sampling of horse racing terminology. In case you are enthusiastic about a extra in depth listing of horse racing terminology, I might refer you to “The American Racing Guide”. This e book is taken into account by many because the official encyclopedia of thoroughbred racing and is by DRF Press.

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