The Many Types of Paintball Guns

To many paintball gamers, shopping for a paintball gun may be like shopping for a automobile. Every paintball gun has its personal distinctive options, some hearth 3 shot bursts, and a few may even play ringtones. It may be a difficult course of to purchase a paintball gun, and many people on the market simply need to get one immediately and begin enjoying. So for these of you which might be a bit of confused in regards to the many sorts of paintball weapons on the market, let me break it down for you.

Paintball weapons may be divided into 3 completely different classes…

1. ALL MECHANICAL – These are the infamous Tippmann 98’s and Spyder Shutters you hear a lot about. Different markers on this class embrace many autocockers, automags, and BT’s. All mechanical markers function solely on spring and air, which suggests they don’t use batteries or have any digital elements in them. Often they arrive in stacked tube design (i.e. spyders and spyder clones), or single tube (i.e. tippmanns). Velocity on a majority of these markers is adjusted by both proscribing the move of air, or by adjusting spring stress.

2. SEAR TRIPPER – Sear trippers are paintball weapons which have digital triggers that actually “journey” the sear for you. The electronics are solely positioned within the grip of the paintball marker, and don’t regulate air strain or velocity. Velocity remains to be adjusted by regulating air move or adjusting spring stress, the electronics within the gun solely management the velocity at which the sear is tripped (the ROF), or firing modes. Sear trippers typically take 12vlt batteries, that are positioned within the grip body. Digital eyes are actually out there on many sear trippers, which may dramatically cut back the chopping of paint (one thing that these weapons are identified for).

3. FULLY ELECTRONIC – These are the Egos, Ions, and BKOs of paintball weapons. They’re totally digital, which means that the digital set off operates the solenoid which in flip fires the paintball marker. Air regulation are key on a majority of these paintball markers, if the PSI is about too excessive issues will happen. Totally digital paintball markers typically take 12vlt batteries, and might hearth at extra constant velocities/velocity than sear trippers. Most totally digital paintball markers include digital eyes, which hold the gun from firing if a paintball will not be totally current within the breech.

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